Marijuana and the Workplace

The laws on growing, selling, possessing and consuming marijuana have changed dramatically in Canada.  Having employees under the influence of marijuana can create issues for your workplace in terms of safety and lost  productivity. However, it is important to know the distinction between recreational and medicinal use of marijuana and ensure that employees who use it for medicinal purposes are treated fairly.  In this workshop, you will learn how to lower any potential risks and respond to any issues that may arise.

Drugs and the Workplace
Understand the prevalence of substance use-related problems in the workplace and the cost to employers in terms of lost time, decreased productivity, accidents, and other impacts. Learn the difference between medical and recreational marijuana.

What exactly is recreational marijuana? What is medical marijuana? Learn about the cannabis plant, the products derived from it, and how they are used. Learn the physiological, cognitive, and behavioral changes that take place from recreational cannabis use and understand the different effects of medical marijuana products.

Workplace Impacts
An employee impaired by marijuana could cause problems in the workplace. Identify the potential workplace hazards and develop responses to the myths that recreational workplace marijuana use is "not a big deal" and "does no harm." 

Medical Marijuana
An employee has a prescription to use marijuana medicinally for a disability or medical condition. What does that mean for the workplace? Consider the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee in this situation.

How to Intervene
You suspect an employee is coming to work high. Now what? Participants will consider a variety of scenarios and determine the best ways of addressing the issue with the employee, helping the employee get assistance if there is a substance-abuse problem, and ensuring the incidents don't recur.

Drug and Alcohol Policy
Having an official drug and alcohol policy in place is one of the best ways for employers to be prepared for potential problems - or avoid them altogether.  Learn the benefits of a drug and alcohol policy and develop an outline of what should be included in such a policy.

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