Advanced Skills for Administrative Assistants - Level 2

The demanding role of Administrative Assistant requires skills and competencies that are key to your success and that of upper management. This workshop has been designed to make an immediate difference in your performance by delivering practical, highly relevant techniques and strategies that will allow you to maximize your value to the organization.

Verbal Communication Skills
Whether it's being too aggressive or being too passive, learn to identify the common communication problems that may be holding you back. Improve your interactions with others by understanding the elements of your communication style and what they reveal about you.

Written Communication
You will gain practical advice on the principles of skilled writing and how to write clearly and concisely so that the reader can quickly grasp your message. You will also learn the process of putting information into a format that addresses the points under discussion.

Minute Taking
It has been said that if the minutes of a meeting are not accurate, then the meeting might just as well have not taken place. Learn the ingredients necessary to ensure that the minutes of a meeting are accurate along with some of the best techniques to remedy many of the problems that can inundate Minute-Takers. You will also learn how to implement and utilize a powerful technique that will ensure that your meetings are productive.

Report Writing
All reports and proposals should convey information clearly and coherently. Learn how to become more skilled at writing documents which are concise, easy to read and delivered in an appropriate format.

Every communication event offers the opportunity to build mutual trust and respect. Discover how to use the essentials of negotiating to find a balanced, common sense approach that offers mutual gains to both parties.

Problem Solving
By understanding the steps in problem solving you can approach any situation with an increased awareness of how to deal with it. Learn how to develop a practical approach that can offer sustainable solutions that immediately establish trust and credibility.

Difficult Exchanges
Behind every difficult situation there are a large number of variables affecting all the parties involved. What motivates the other person? Why have they taken a particular position? Learn to recognize and anticipate how attitudes and actions can lead to difficult exchanges and how to develop effective strategies for dealing with them.

Confrontation is generally frustrating and stressful so we need a strategy for dealing with it. Discover what is at the root of another person's resistance and how you can find a mutually acceptable resolution without compromising what is most important to you.

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