Our Team

David MacLatchy

David is a highly motivated leader with a mission to help organizations and their employees achieve their goals.

Examples of some of his many accomplishments are:
  • Designed, conducted and delivered training sessions in project management, sales,   negotiation, employment law, coaching and team building.
  • Developed successful and cohesive teams to complete business objectives.
  • Built a successful business in sales and customer service.

One of his published quotations is: "Know your priorities, gain agreement, manage expectations". This single quote has guided many individuals to success and productivity not only in the work place but also in their personal lives.

David is the consummate communicator and educator, having conducted literally hundreds of seminars and conferences throughout all of Canada, United States, England, Scotland and Ireland.

David has conducted training sessions to virtually all sectors of the workplace. This includes the Private Sector, Public Sector, For Profit, Not-for Profit, small, medium, large organizations, manufacturing, service, health care, government (provincial, federal and state), to mention a few.

David delivers his message with humour and sincerity. His depth of knowledge, experience and research brings it all to life, and ensures that concepts, strategies and ideas are usable and can be implemented in every-day life.

Nancy McCosh

Nancy is an inspirational leader, speaker, trainer and coach who has conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops over the last several years in both Canada and the U.S.A.  After a 37-year career as a senior leader with a major Canadian insurance company, Nancy has used her experience and vast knowledge of leadership and management skills to become a very effective speaker and trainer. For example, Nancy has witnessed first-hand and understands the importance of clear and concise written communication in the workplace and, as a result, one of her favourite training topics is the "Essentials of Business Writing."

More than a speaker, Nancy has put her insight and methods to the test over and over in real-life situations. They are easy to implement. They work. And when combined they create a concrete road map people can use to triumph over obstacles in the workplace and achieve their personal and professional goals. Nancy's creative speaking style and engaging manner ensure participants are enthused, inspired, motivated and ready to try new tips, tricks and techniques in their own workplace.

Paul Bailey

Paul is a life-long learner with more than 25 years of leadership experience who is passionate about developing leaders. He is an avid reader and  researcher of the  latest trends impacting the market place and then creating or finding the most recent tools and techniques to   address them. His in-depth understanding of personality profiles, leadership and team dynamics have provided opportunities to participate in training conferences internationally.

Paul's philosophy of learning and development is that it should be informative, engaging, memorable, entertaining and fun. His expertise in communication is described by others as passionate, inspiring and motivational, with a sense of humour that keeps you engaged. His training is presented in a way that adds value for participants both professionally and personally. He believes his greatest asset is taking the complicated and making it simple.

Some of his accomplishments are:
  • B.A. - Major in Change & Conflict Management
  • M.A - Major in Leadership & Management
  • CTDP - Certified Training & Development Professional with Canadian Society for Training & Development
  • Co-author of Stress Management Program
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

Robert Gollan

Robert was a member of the RCMP for 35 years.  During his tenure with this organization he served in 14 communities in three provinces, one territory and one year with International Policing in Kosovo.  His duties included being a front line first responder, major crimes investigator, detachment commander, and the Officer in Charge of Community Policing for the Province of Alberta.  In each of the 14 communities that he served in he was recognized as someone who was dedicated in effecting positive change by working with other service and government agencies to build strong teams to address community and national issues.

Robert has been involved in providing training from very early in his career, from teaching DARE to youth, offender management to Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Police Officers, to how to Develop Police Advisory Committee's to Municipal and First Nations Governments.  During his time in Kosovo he was selected by the Mission Commanders to provide Project Management and European Policing Best Practices to the Mission police officers from the 26 European Union and other mission countries.

Robert is a proud member of the Metis Nation - Saskatchewan, and has worked with many First Nations in British Columbia, Alberta,  NWT and Saskatchewan to bring about positive changes in their communities.

Some of his proudest accomplishments include:
  • Setting up Youth Cultural camps in Lutselk'e NWT
  • Developing a Family Violence Response Team in Siksika, Alta
  • Development of an Interagency Community Action Team to address Relationship Violence in Creston, BC
  • Working with the RCMP and the Province of Alberta to get Habitual Offender Management Programs in place to divert young adults and youth from a criminal lifestyle.
  • Working with communities and First Nations  in Saskatchewan, NWT and Alberta to set up Restorative Justice Programs

In his spare time Robert enjoys spending time with his family traveling the world, coaching volleyball for the past 25 years and working on his classic vehicle.

Tami Leigh

Tami Leigh is a trainer, coach, facilitator and leader. Her focus is people. Her sense of humor, warmth and honesty with a captivating style becomes the catalyst for creating happiness in the workplace.

She developed to the executive management level, creating programs for leadership, performance management, communications, recruitment, retention and customer first.

Tami believes in the power of the group to build and achieve goals.  Currently settled in rural Alberta, she imparts common sense to those sometimes complicated corporate and work related issues.

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