No Sales Pitches. Ever. We Promise.

    At Canadian Training Resources we value your time. Our workshops are designed by Canadians for Canadians and we take pride in the fact that we present these workshops only to teach you what you want to learn. Which is what you came for. We do not sell material at our workshops. We never have. We never will. We give you what you want and nothing else.

It'll be one of the most productive days you've ever spent away from your desk

  • Discover practical tools and techniques to advance your career.
  • Gain insight, expertise, and confidence.
  • Network with other professionals

We deliver real-world business training solutions, not lectures.

Each of our lively, interactive workshops is personalized to inspire as well as to inform.

Our goal is to equip Canadian business professionals with the tools and the know-how to realize their career aspirations.

With every program, we introduce techniques and skill sets that participants will want to start applying right away, and go on using for the rest of their careers.

We're proud of our reputation for providing current, real-life, home grown business training programs that are in line with the Canadian business culture and corporate expectations.

Transform just another day at the office into a strategic career move.

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